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CETA clears crucial hurdle in Parliament’s trade committee

The EU’s trade agreement with Canada cleared a crucial hurdle today (24 January) when it was approved by the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee, making way for the deal to be sent to a vote in the entire 751-seat chamber next month.

CETA: A way out of European self-dwarfism

Anti-CETA campaigns and mass protests have put the EU-Canada deal under constant pressure. Daniel Caspary MEP asks: What are we going to do if the European Union buries its common trade policy?

没收到ICAO邀请函 蔡英文说重话

„ICAO大会27日将于加拿大蒙特娄登场,蔡英文今天接见欧洲议会人民党团国贸委员会(INTA)议员团时表示,对于没有收到ICAO邀请函,表达强烈的遗憾和不满。 (…)“

ECCT meeting with INTA

„On 23 September a 12 member delegation from the European Parliament’s international trade committee (INTA) visited the ECCT. (…)“


„台灣沒收到國際民航組織邀請函,總統蔡英文23日表達「強烈的遺憾與不滿」,這是對台灣極不公平的待遇;她說,不應該有人因為不接受某些不民主的框架限制,而被剝奪應有的權利。 (…)“