The current situation regarding the market for windows made from synthetic materials

Referring to the written question of 30 November 2015 (No P-014308/2015) on the situation regarding the market for windows made from synthetic materials and the Commission’s reply of 22 December 2015, clarification is requested on the following questions:
1. Why has the Commission provided no further details on the payment of approximately EUR 69 million to Polish window manufacturing companies during the period 2007-2013 from the European Fund for Regional Development programmes?

2. Why did the Member State concerned not request this missing information from the Commission?

3. Why has the Commission, as guardian of European Union law, not taken action against the Member State concerned on the grounds of incomplete information owing to neglect of its public disclosure obligations in the interests of transparency towards the final beneficiaries?


Answer given by Ms Creţu on behalf of the Commission: 1. The Commission would refer the Honourable Members to its answer to written questions P ‐014308/2015 and E-000234/2016(1). These replies outline the principle of shared management under which cohesion policy resources are implemented. For further information the national programme authorities may be contacted directly. 2. The information provided was requested and obtained from the respective programme authorities. The type of information sought by the Honourable Member is outside the legal reporting obligations of Member States. 3. The Commission has no evidence to suggest that Member States have neglected their public disclosure obligations in that matter. The list of final beneficiaries of cohesion policy funding (including the European Regional Development Fund) in Poland is publicly available(2) in line with the legal requirements in the matter. Similar lists are also available for all other EU Member States(3). (1) (2) (3)