MOTION FOR A RESOLUTION – Motion for a European Parliament resolution on European Necktie Day

The European Parliament,

– having regard to Rule 133 of its Rules of Procedure,

A. whereas Europe was the place where the necktie originated, the forerunner of the tie, the cravat, having been popularised by Croatian cavaliers; whereas in 1643 Louis XIII of France founded a regiment called the ‘Royal-Croates’, which Louis XIV later renamed the ‘Royal-Cravates’;

B. whereas the cravat, an elegant neckband peculiar to the uniform that Croatian soldiers at one time used to wear, was adopted at the French court and in the course of time turned into an indispensable item of clothing, the necktie, whose popularity gradually spread throughout Europe and all over the world;

C. whereas the necktie has for centuries been characteristic of Europeans, that is to say, people with a European spirit and European values, and, as time has gone on, has even become a symbol of European fashion;

D. whereas a necktie denotes dignity and ceremony, respect and self-confidence, success and tact;

E. whereas there is already a tradition that each country holding the Council presidency has its own distinctive tie, worn to inaugurate its term of office, a fact which suggests that the necktie is also perceived as a symbol of the EU;

1. Calls on the Commission to establish ‘European Necktie Day’ in order that this elegant item of clothing may be recognised as part of Europe’s cultural heritage, identity, communication, and design so that Europeans can preserve and cement their bonds with one another and their links to the whole world.