Medium: EU Observer

Secret ballot on transparency is no secret, says EPP

“An MEP spearheading demands for a secret ballot on a transparency vote at the European Parliament’s plenary on Thursday (31 January) says it is needed to protect colleagues from a public backlash. The Thursday vote spans proposals to require leading MEPs, like committee chairs, to publish meetings with registered lobbyists. (…)”

Orban’s allies want concessions ahead of critical vote

“Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban’s European allies on Tuesday (11 September) demanded that he makes last-minute concessions on measures curbing academic freedom and civil society – in order to avoid triggering of the EU’s sanction procedure. (…)”

MEPs say Russian trade bans ‘unacceptable’

“Brussels – MEPs in a debate on Wednesday (9 October) condemned Russia’s recent trade ban on Lithuanian dairy imports, the latest in a series of bans seen as attempts to torpedo the EU’s Eastern Partnership policy. (…)”