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Daniel Caspary (ppe)

“Très peu de défections au sein du Parti populaire européen (conservateurs) lorsqu’il s’est agi d’ “endosser” le mandat de négociation donné à la Commission. (…)

Protectionism casts a dark shadow

“MEPs fight back against protectionism in developed and developing world in a bid to access lucrative state procurement contracts. (…)”

Towards an EU-US Free Trade Agreement

“In his State of the Union address of 13 February 2013, President Obama’s call for a comprehensive trade and investment agreement between the United States and the European Union created a wave of optimism on both sides of the Atlantic. In fact, the declaration itself can be considered as an achievement as talks have been… Read more »

Strafzölle gegen China

“China hat seine Solarbranche mit Milliardensubventionen, Niedriglöhnen und billigen Grundstücken aufgepäppelt. – so die EU. Jetzt droht ein Handelskrieg. (…)”