Commenting on today’s decision by the European Council to make the Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TTIP) negotiating mandate public, the EPP Group Spokesman on International Trade, Daniel Caspary (CDU), said:

“As so often, the Council runs with the latest developments afterwards: since the beginning of negotiations on the TTIP we, the Christian-Democrats, have been calling for the publication of the negotiating mandate. Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht has also been calling for this for some time. With the unnecessary months of delay, the Council has contributed to stirring up distrust among the population about the TTIP round. It is a good thing that this has finally come to an end.

Public transparency in the TTIP between the EU and America is the basis for the success or failure in the negotiations. Interested citizens can get very comprehensive information on agenda items, negotiating objectives and questions on the European Commission’s website. The publication of the negotiating mandate is another step towards regaining trust. It must be possible for everyone to learn about the current status of the TTIP. And so we must go on, so that the rumour mill about poultry being processed using hyper-chlorinated water finally stops running. The negotiating mandate is clear: yes to the TTIP, but not at any price. European standards must and will be retained. I am very pleased that this is also visible to the general public in the negotiating mandate now.”

The full text of the negotiating mandate can be viewed here: