EU-Canada Free Trade Agreement

Daniel Caspary MEP and Peter Šťastný MEP

Daniel Caspary MEP and Peter Šťastný MEP

The EPP Group’s Spokesman in the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament, Daniel Caspary MEP, and the European Parliament’s Rapporteur on Canada trade, Peter Šťastný MEP, welcomed today’s announcement on the EU-Canada Trade Agreement (CETA).

Daniel Caspary MEP said: “This is the breakthrough we have been waiting for. The EU-Canada Trade Agreement will create new opportunities for businesses on both sides of the Atlantic, resulting in a greater choice for consumers as well as lower prices for products on offer.”

“A trade agreement on abolishing tariffs and other trade hurdles will bring our two economies even closer together. We now have to quickly finalise the deal in order to realise its growth potential.”

“Furthermore, the EU-Canada Trade Agreement is an important bridge towards the TTIP Agreement between the EU and the United States due to the similarities of the issues at stake. The fact that the EU and our Canadian partners managed to find an agreement provides a boost for the upcoming TTIP negotiations, which will include many of the same elements”.

Peter Šťastný MEP said: “This is great news for the citizens of the EU and Canada. Today’s milestone will allow for benefits to flow between both economies in a reasonable timeframe. Economic barriers will fall, employment and prosperity will rise, and our mutual relationships will strengthen.”