EU-US Free Trade Agreement key to fixing world standards

“Globalisation is happening. We in the EPP Group want to shape it instead of letting it pass us by”, said the EPP Group’s Shadow Rapporteur, Godelieve Quisthoudt-Rowohl MEP, and the EPP Group’s Spokesman in the International Trade Committee, Daniel Caspary MEP, during the European Parliament debate on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations.

Moreover, the TTIP will reinvigorate the transatlantic partnership providing the opportunity for Europe to play a leading role in a globalised world. “This is a chance for the young generation. It also provides an opportunity to carry on our understanding of democracy and the rule of law”, stressed Quisthoudt-Rowohl.

“We call on the opponents of the TTIP who are unsettling citizens and are organising questionable campaigns: please stop spreading fear, half-truths and lies and stand up for a fair debate based on facts instead”, said Caspary. He outlined the EPP Group’s priorities in the TTIP negotiations: “We want better market access for our companies in the USA and not an arbitrary abolition of rules, standards and guidelines. We want to abolish customs duties where possible and when it makes sense and not jeopardise jobs and industry. We want to protect companies and investors in the USA and ensure that they have practical possibilities to pursue lawsuits in case of dispute and make sure that taxpayers are not randomly asked to pay.”

“The TTIP is not only about trade; it will open the door to even more investments overseas”, said Quisthoudt-Rowohl, outlining that the EU is the biggest foreign investor and recipient of foreign direct investment worldwide: “Investments will only be made if they are protected and the opportunity is now for the EU and the USA to negotiate a promising future model. Therefore, we see the European Parliament Resolution not only as a message to the negotiators, but also as a positive signal to our citizens. We should go ahead with the negotiations so that we can benefit from the results very soon”, she concluded.