EU-US free trade area: EPP Group welcomes Obama’s announcement to conclude a bilateral agreement.

Daniel Caspary MEP, Christian Ehler MEP and Elmar Brok MEP

Daniel Caspary MEP, Christian Ehler MEP and Elmar Brok MEP

The EPP Group has welcomed the announcement of US President Obama to officially go ahead with negotiations between the EU and the US to conclude a bilateral free-trade agreement. “This is excellent news for the transatlantic partnership. After a like-minded statement from the EU Heads of State and Government, this is now the green light”, said the EPP Group Coordinator in the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament, Daniel Caspary MEP.

“Now is the time to work towards a comprehensive Transatlantic Trade Agreement. The European Parliament has always supported the formation of the High Level Group for Jobs and Growth”, said Christian Ehler MEP, Chairman of the EU-USA Delegation of the European Parliament.

“The twinning of economic interests between the EU and the US is a major step forward as collaboration on purely security policy issues is no longer sufficient”, said Elmar Brok MEP, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament.

The three EPP Group MEPs highlighted the importance of the shared interests of the EU and the United States in world trade. “The future EU-US Agreement can set the standards for future international trade agreements. Besides, it is a meaningful exercise to combine the power of the two large trade blocks to maintain a leading role in the competitive global environment including actors such as China or India”, they concluded.