Russia: recycling fee damages EU car exports

Daniel Caspary (EPP/DE) and Inese Vaidere (EPP/LV):

Daniel Caspary (EPP/DE) and Inese Vaidere (EPP/LV):

The European Commission’s decision to open a World Trade Organisation (WTO) case against Russia’s special “recycling fee” on imported cars was a “logical step to remove what clearly is an obstacle to the EU car exports and damages the trade relations with Russia”, the EPP Group’s coordinator in the international trade committee of the European Parliament Daniel Caspary MEP and the EPP Group’s standing rapporteur on Russia, Inese Vaidere MEP said.

“Despite the Commission’s attempts to raise the issue with Russia on several occasions since the introduction of the fee last year, Russia has not expressed readiness to lift this trade damaging tax. The European Commission has therefore taken the right decision to pursue the case with the WTO dispute settlement office”, said the MEPs.

“Given the fact that cars which are produced in Russia are exempted from the levy, the imposed tax is evidently a non-tariff barrier to trade. Russia which decided to become a member of the WTO must now follow the rules”, emphasised Caspary and Vaidere.

Russia levies a special “recycling fee” on all imported cars, while cars produced within Russia benefit from an exemption. Today the European Commission has requested consultations with Russia in the World Trade Organisation on this case.