Statement Caspary on trade agreement EU-Singapore by ECJ

On the decision of the European Commission to clarify the competencies in the bilateral trade agreement between the EU and Singapore by the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the EPP Group Spokesperson in the Committee on International Trade in the European Parliament, Daniel Caspary (CDU/EPP) stated:

“The Lisbon Treaty can no longer remain a matter of interpretation regarding trade. It was an important and positive step by the EU Commission to pass now the decision to the ECJ to address the ongoing disagreement between the Commission and Council. Only in this way can we find a solution for all current and upcoming negotiations. It is important that the processes are not permanently delayed by the recurring questions of competence, whereby the EU trading partners get more planning.”

Background: The negotiations between the EU and Singapore have been completed since December 2012. In September 2013, the treaty text was initialled and translated into all official EU languages. The European Court of Justice is now invited to decide if the agreement with Singapore is a pure or a mixed agreement, and who therefore is entitled to vote.