Daniel Caspary MEP: Europe must take globalisation as an opportunity

Trade Policy as the main component / Global standards and norms required

Trade Policy as the main component / Global standards and norms required

The EU must take globalisation as an opportunity. The European Parliament adopted an EPP-ED inspired resolution today calling for a more active European involvement. “We need to tell people that the opportunities far outweigh the risks. Europe is innovative and has a skilled workforce. To successfully fight for our interest we have to use the international institutions and speak with one voice”, said Daniel Caspary MEP.

“We way too often highlight the negative impact of globalisation. Of course there are companies with redundancies. But far more enterprises profit from globalisation and create new jobs. In some regions of Europe we have almost full employment and even a lack of qualified staff.”

Daniel Caspary MEP regards the promotion of European economic interests as indispensable for the EU. “With our high-quality products and services we depend on open markets. This is why our main tool is the common trade policy.”

“The EU must be able to fight off unfair trade practises, such as dumping. “We must not abandon trade defence instruments for no reason. And we need a Trade Commissioner who can represent the EU in a credible and non-arrogant way.” Members highlight the importance of protecting intellectual property rights. “This is the biggest challenge Europe is facing”, said Daniel Caspary.

Europe’s other challenge is the fight for common standards and norms in the WTO talks. “Double or multiple standards cost a lot of money. We have had some success already with the US in developing common sets of rules. We need more of them globally on the WTO level”, said the EPP-ED Euro-MP.