EU-Canada free trade agreement

No sellout of European farmers. Daniel Caspary and Elisabeth Jeggle MEP

The European Parliament warns against too many concessions to Canada in the negotiations on a possible free trade agreement. The interests of European farmers need to be respected in such an agreement, MEPs demanded today.

The interests of European farmers “should be fully taken into account”, they said, in particular concerning the handling of genetically modified organisms, the impact of a free trade deal on the milk sector, as well as the question of origin labelling.

“The negotiations on a possible free trade agreement need to reflect the concerns of European farmers”, the coordinator of the EPP Group in the European Parliament’s international trade committee, Daniel Caspary (DE), and the Vice-President of the European Parliament’s delegation to Canada, Elisabeth Jeggle (DE) warned.

A free trade agreement could give new impulses to the European economy, they said. “A free trade agreement opens up new possibilities for economic growth on both sides of the Atlantic. However, this must not be done at the expenses of European farmers. There must not be a sellout of European farmers to Canada!”

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