Public procurement: equal rights for European companies in third countries

Trading partners must give European companies access to public contracts / European Parliament calls for new trade strategy

Europe’s trading partners must give European companies access to public contracts, the European Parliament demanded today. To achieve this goal, the EU Commission is requested to submit a new strategy to strengthen the EU’s external trade policy by 2013, according to a resolution adopted today by the European Parilament with a large majority.
The EU Commission has to work harder to break down a global trade barrier. Free global trade is the lifeline of Europe’s industry. European companies must begiven equal access to foreign markets in the same way that the EU opens its markets to foreign companies,” said the report’s author and spokesman of the EPP Group in the Foreign Trade Committee of the European Parliament, Daniel Caspary (EPP).
The EU must also take decisive action against product piracy and counterfeiting, the European Parliament said. As a basis for a comprehensive EU trade strategy, the European Parliament called for a better coordination within the EU Commission concerning trade policy. Trade policy should be better linked with the EU’s foreign policy, the report said.
“Too many cooks spoil the broth: The EU Commission needs to finally have a clear strategy to strengthen Europe’s exporting industry. Besides that, the EU Commission must put an end to the current fragmentation of departmental responsibilities. Trade issues shall finally be pooled centrally and being coordinated with other EU initiatives, ” Caspary says.