TTIP vote: positive signal for jobs and growth

The European Parliament’s International Trade Committee reaffirmed its backing today of the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the European Union and the United States outlining its recommendations for the ongoing negotiations.

“The EPP Group gives its strong support to the ongoing negotiations which we trust should result in a balanced, win-win outcome. Today, we took another step further to advance towards a deep and comprehensive trade and investment agreement with the US which will create new jobs and set the frame for new opportunities for individuals and businesses while being of particular benefit to small and medium-sized enterprises”, the EPP Group’s Shadow Rapporteur, Godelieve Quisthoudt-Rowohl MEP, and the EPP Group’s Spokesman in the International Trade Committee, Daniel Caspary MEP, said. We voted for an effective protection of investments in the globalised world.

The MEPs stressed that the EPP Group will not accept just any deal but a deal that is good for EU citizens: “We are fully aware that there is much sensitivity in these negotiations as well as mutual offensive and defensive interests which have to be mutually balanced. We have indicated them in the text we adopted today, without creating additional red lines which are not included in the mandate. We are confident that our negotiators will strongly and constructively work for this objective and the EPP Group will take its own responsibilities in this process”, said Quisthoudt-Rowohl and Caspary.

Parliament’s Report addresses a variety of concerns raised by European citizens. Godelieve Quisthoudt-Rowohl stressed that this will give new impetus to the EU negotiators to fight hard to get a strong agreement: “The TTIP is about shared opportunities and responsibilities agreed freely in a transparent and inclusive process. Since the beginning of the negotiations, we have witnessed considerable progress from the negotiators with regard to transparency and accountability and a receptive, listening approach to the criticism voiced by EU citizens.”

Daniel Caspary outlined the importance of such an agreement with the US, the EU’s strategic partner with whom we share the same fundamental values: “The TTIP is about setting the frame for a new type of open relationship with the US which is based on freedom of choice, fairness, opportunity, legal certainty, cooperation, trust and mutual recognition. When we look at those areas or sectors of our economies where jobs have been created over the last years, it was exactly those sectors that took part in the global market. The TTIP creates new opportunities for our businesses, in particular SMEs, stimulates competition and therefore leads to the creation of more jobs and cost reduction for our consumers. Creating a transatlantic market would definitely help us face globalisation challenges. We have not only to take part in globalisation, we have to shape it and that’s what the TTIP should be about.”