Daniel Caspary (PPE ). – Mr President, every one of us knows an example where we have put a simple written question to the Commission and did not get a proper answer. Because of this, I have organised a kind of grassroots initiative which has an oral question with debate to the European Commission about that. In the year 2015, 157 Members of this House signed, but after three months this oral question lapsed. I started this initiative again in January this year and 246 Members signed, but this oral question will again lapse if we do not put it on this week’s agenda.

Dear colleagues, I think it is not acceptable that 246 Members ask for an oral question and nothing happens, but we have good luck because according to the services this week there is some time, and so we can add this point to the agenda without removing another one. I therefore ask you to support this request that we have the debate tonight and please, even if it is very short notice, take the opportunity to take part.