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Der Lotse geht von Bord

Lang hat der Luxemburger die europäischen Geschicke begleitet. Nun tritt Jean-Claude Juncker ab. Der Kommissionspräsident verlässt das Schiff in stürmischen Zeiten – und hofft auf ruhigeres Fahrwasser.


Daniel Caspary (PPE ). – Mr President, every one of us knows an example where we have put a simple written question to the Commission and did not get a proper answer. Because of this, I have organised a kind of grassroots initiative which has an oral question with debate to the European Commission about… Read more »

Caspary on the EC Transparency Initiative

Since the beginning of the TTIP negotiations between the EU and the US, arguing about the right balance between maximum transparency and necessary confidentiality has been commonplace. Commenting on today’s press conference by the Vice-President of the Commission Frans Timmermans and the Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström regarding the Transparency Initiative, the EPP Group Spokesman on… Read more »